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  • Home to the world of art View and buy painting
  • Home to the world of art View and buy painting
Painting of the Day

Chamberart.net is a virtual gallery where you can post, view and purchase paintings by artists from around the world.

We want to gather major works by young artists - Bulgarian and foreign, and to promote them among connoisseurs of art. We believe that every artist deserves a chance to be seen, so that his paintings can find their way to their fans.

You will be able to see images of the paintings we offer, to read a short description and presentation about them and their authors. We strive to work only with originals but when we do not have them, this is specifically mentioned in the description below the image.

Chamberart.net enables artists and owners of the paintings to offer their works for sale without restrictions on quantity and time. There are more advertising options available to the artists who have signed an additional contract with chamberart.net

Chamberart.net is not responsible for incorrect information, data discrepancy, and dishonest or misleading advertising under the CPA.


1.Basic terms:

1.1 Object to sell - pictures available in chamberart.net for which you have to make contributions to buy (you fill in contact form or you are connected to the author).

1.2 User - anyone browsing the site chamberart.net whether he/she is registered or not, and whether or not he/she intends to make a purchase / sale.

2. Every user has the right to:

2.1 The user has the right to view, order and receive paintings uploaded to chamberart.net

2.2 The user has the right to comment on the artistic works on site (registration required) and to rate them.

2.3 The user can make contact with the artist whose artwork he/she wants to buy through the request form.

3. Users are required to:

3.1 Observe and respect the rights and freedoms of citizens under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and international acts of which it is a part. Do not violate morality and Internet ethic.

3.2 To register if they want to: write comments, check for prices of paintings, make a purchase.

3.3 Do not use rude and politically incorrect language when communicating with each other and in comments. Offensive comments to authors and depicted by them persons are prohibited.

3.4 Not infringe on intellectual and material property.

3.6 To report immediately to the administrators of Chamberart.net if they detect violations of the site rules.

3.7 Users do not have rights to distribute, reproduce and create derivative works or in any way to use the site content without explicit permission from Chamberart.net

4. Chamberart.net and its administrators - rights and responsibilities:

4.1 Administrators may edit or remove comments that it deems not to comply with the above mentioned standards regarding comments.

4.2 Chamberart.net has the right to modify or cease providing service to any user who breach the gallery’s conditions.

4.3 Site administrators have the right to delete any material that does not meet the rules described here. They are not required to give users an explanation for their actions in the sections they manage.

4.5 Administrators are not responsible for the content of comments posted below the artworks.

4.6 Administrators are allowed to use images from the site to advertise Chamberart.net in the Internet.

4.7 As far as Internet is a free control environment, administrators are not responsible for possible misuse of copyright works by the visitors. We ask artists and owners be aware that such use is possible.

4.8 The gallery is not responsible for the difference in colors between the images and paintings because of specificity of the monitors.

5. Authors, owners and buyers of works of art.

5.1 Each artist or owner who wants to use chamberart.net as a platform for his art can send e-mail with his artistic CV and photos of two paintings. Each request will receive an answer within 48 hours.

5.2 In the agreement the author or owner of the paintings can publish them on the site. All they need are:

5.2.1 to be registered in Chamberart.net
5.2.2 to publish the name of the painting, technique, material, size, date of creation
5.2.3 price of the painting
5.2.4 image in JPG format
5.2.5 author's name and brief biography
5.2.6 telephone and e-mail
5.2.7 the address, where the artwork is at the moment
5.2.8 you can post brief information about the artist or painting which you consider as interesting for visitors.

5.3 A person who wishes to upload a photo of a painting of the site must be either its author or to have a document of ownership. In any other case you must have written consent from the author.

5.5 If the painting is a portrait of a contemporary person, the model should agree with its exposure and sale.

5.6 The authors are responsible for the published materials.

5.7 Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. All works alleged of plagiarism will be removed from the site.

5.8 Prohibited is the publication of photos and texts which are incompatible with the legal and moral norms with clearly offensive content, pornographic scenes, violence, and materials and comments, provoking racial and religious hatred and discrimination. All will be deleted without notice.

5.9 The author or owner of the picture has the right to prohibit comments and ratings any time.

5.10 In case of deliberate and repeated breach of the site rules by the author / owner or user, administrators have the right to restrict or prohibit access to it.

5.11 If you find artworks which are on site without permission of the author or owner, please notify the administration about it. These works will be deleted.

6. Making a purchase with the help of Chamberart.net

6.1 The site is a mediator between the buyer and the author / owner.

6.2 The buyer pays the stated price on the site by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or Pay Pal. The money will remain in the account of chamberart.net till the buyer confirmed in written that he has received the painting. Once confirmation is available chamberart.net is obligated to send the sum of the artist as it is negotiated in advance!

Through chamberart.net the delivery is guaranteed and payment is secure.

6.3 You may contact the author / owner directly through the contact form or phone only with their consent. When buying and negotiation between both parts (buyer and author / owner) is without the mediation of chamberart.net, the site shall not liable for any negative consequences.

6.4 With authors or owners of the artwork will be concluded prior contracts to avoid further misunderstandings!

6.5 To avoid misunderstandings, it is necessary to inform our team, if your painting advertised for sale in other places.

6.6 All prices are submitted by the author / owner and Chamberart.net is not responsible for them.

6.7 The buyer has the right to be informed of the status of his order.

6.8 The buyer must pay the price of the painting stated on the site (along with shipping and handling.)

6.9 The buyer may require a sales receipt.

6.10 The author / owner of the painting is obliged to issue a document for authenticity of the work and a sales receipt.

6.11 The deadline to confirm availability of the ordered picture is two working days.

6.12 Buyer receives the delivery address after paying the purchase price as set on the site.

6.13 In the event of incomplete or incorrect data, the order becomes invalid and Chamberart.net is not obliged to fill it.

6.14 Delivery of pictures that are in the territory of Bulgaria, Chamberart.net can meet in person.

6.15 The price do not include shipping and handling costs.

General conditions for the sale and delivery can be changed by Chamberart.net at any time. The team is obliged to inform the users (buyers, authors, owners) by publishing a notice online of the changes and the date those changes will take place. If the previous conditions for sale have lapsed and none of the users (buyers, authors, owners) express their disagreement in writing they shall be deemed bound by the new terms and conditions. If within the period set chamberart.net receives a message stating your disagreement and unwillingness to comply with the new conditions set forth, then it may stop providing its services.

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